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Project Update: Canmore Package Arrives!



For those following our AGO 1st thursday project from the beginning,
you might recall that our very own CASToff Curator offered to gather donations
from her new home in Alberta.

Well that province and the staff at the Canmore museum certainly did not disappointing!
Only a few moments ago their package full of FORTY hexagons arrived!


The purples! The pinks! Alberta, you’re after my heart with these six-sides
crocheted bundles of yarn skillz.
*Psst! Can I use them to make a blanket instead and keep them for myself?

These pieces are a welcome addition to the AGO yarnbomb project – happening in only a few more weeks!
We will continue to collect donations until January 31st but after that it’s going to be
hours and hours and hours of stitching for us as we piece all these pretty hexagons together.


Home Time!


Success! All the little MMst-ers made it back to Toronto all in one piece.
No terrible skating accidents resulting in broken wrists.
I’m looking at you CASToff Curator!


This is only a small sampling of what you can accomplish on a 5.5 hour
bus ride from Toronto to Ottawa, keeping in mind the naps, Hot Fuzz movie
showing, and the general giddiness that takes place when a group of nerds
get closer and closer to national institutions full of arts.

But as much fun as the trip was, it was great to return home to our familiar pillows
in our own beds… that are now covered in the huge amounts of donated material
waiting for us upon our arrival.

Seriously, we got a TON of stuff as part of our AGO yarnbombing project.
So much so, that when I attempted to tweet about it my account crashed!

So once the internet recovers from the multitude of granny hexagons and flowers
kindly crafters have given us, be sure to check out some photos and be
in awe of some talented ladies.

Project Update #1: Museums Unite!


CASTOFF Curator has posted the call out at the Canmore Museum

Hey everyone! I know that the holidays are a busy time for everyone, but I figure that the very least I
could do was give you all an update about some of the AMAZING work we’ve seen thus far in our mini project.

This week, we reached out to a few knitting groups and crafty communities seeking
out supplies and samples. Our very own CASToff Curator, who some of you may remember
left Toronto for the magical mountains of  Alberta didn’t let a little thing like 3,502.0 km
stop her from contributing. As an original member of the Bissell Bombers AND MMst grad,
she summoned up some museum power and did a little cross-country promoting.

For those who plan on taking a trip to the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre be sure to
keep your eyes peeled for our poster, and say “hi” CASToff – if you can figure out which one she is 😉

Stay Calm and Knit On



Oh boy… I don’t think I need to remind anyone about how CRAZY the past semester has
been but guess what? It’s alllll ova!

Unless you’re a second year in which case,

Ah hem.

Still stressed?
Well in an attempt to make you all feel a little bit better about your lives I’ve
attached a wonderful Instagram photo documenting my attempts to create…
blue snow flakes?
a rain drop?
a car nut???

Yeah… in some awesome funtimes news I was recently asked to contribute to TWO
artsy projects (more on that later) and I started playing around with some patterns.
Due either to the excitement of trying new things, or my deliriously under-slept brain
I somehow managed to forget how to use my hands and count properly (shout out
to CASToff Curator who reminded me that 24 can be divided by 8).

That being said, I am really looking forward to visiting family in the coming weeks
so I can recoop, learn me some numbers, and knit some recognizable things.

Hope you’re all takin’ care of yourselves!

Back to Work


It’s back-to-school season and before everyone heads off into the woods to spend one last long weekend
in their fancy pants cottages, I thought I would do some early nerding out.

Our CASToff Curator has not been the only one to get a wicked museum gig out there in the working world.
I supposedly rocked my internship and now I’ll be writing blogs and doing some
other techy things for a full fledged museum!

And to celebrate this news, I naturally turn to knitting 😉
Given the time, I would TOTALLY yarn bomb my office – in a super professional way of course…

USB knit cozy, to make sure all my files are safe and comfy.

This would make me chuckle every day.

The friendliest “blue screen of death” I’ve ever seen.

Ok, so some of those are a bit ridiculous – but you should have seen some of the
ideas I DIDN’T post! There are clearly some very unproductive staff members out there lol!

Lost and Found


I’ve been going through a late “spring cleaning” phase lately and
started uncovering lots of little treasures around my place.

Like copious amounts of Rilakkuma stationary.
A few rings I thought I had lost to nights on the town.
And photos of yarn bombs, naturally.


These come courtesy of our dearly departed CASToff Curator.
Here’s hoping she send me some more stuff from those
majestic Alberta mountains.

And here’s hoping I don’t forget to post about them!
*collar tug*

Congrats to CASToff Curator!


Depending on whether you measure your yarn basket as half full or half empty, we’ve got some *blank* news for you!
Our grad student come yarn bomber has accepted a museum job!!

For those you not in the field, let me do the math for you.

Canada doesn’t think people like the arts ∴ art funding gets slashed a la Dexter stylz
Art places with no money = No jobs for fresh faced graduates

BEHOLD! Our crafty lady snagged herself an actual real life adult job!
Olé, olé, olé, olé!!

This all being said, because museum jobs are pretty hard to come by
our little buddy has abandoned us for the mountains of Alberta!!!!


I don’t get it. What does this place have that Toronto doesn’t??

Sure those tall peaks look spectacular set against clear blue skies…
And yeah, the fresh pine air is probably hella refreshing…
And  OK maybe there are some super friendly people who will welcome her
with open arms and show her the time of her life…but …but…


Being the supportive bombers we are, we should probably do our best to
keep on keeping on. But before she ducks out of Onterribleario we thought she
deserved a cutesy electronic send off.

So to pay homage to a friend, mentor, and yarn de-tangler here is something that’s
sure to make her cry and look like a hot mess when she arrives in her new home 🙂