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“One of Us! One of Us!”


It occurs to me, as I see countless young-uns parading down the street with
their purple stained skin and ridiculous chants,
that it might be time for the Bissell Bombers to start some frosh week antics of their own.

Since what we do is already pretty silly, and works best under the cover of night
it’s more a matter of finding the right people to take part in our dorky little club.

So introducing the first ever promotional flyer for the Bissell Bombers!!!
*drum rollllllllllll

Not too shabby eh?

Now let’s not forget that I am NOT in marketing, or graphic design, or retail… so I really don’t know
much about how to sell something. But for a first attempt I’d think this is pretty damn fine ūüôā

The idea will be to post these all over the Bissell Building in the next week or so.
But if you’ve got suggestions on how to improve this thing, I’m all ears!


It’s Time for Tim(mins)


Some unfortunate news to report: the stairwell project has come to an end.

After 3 months of sporadic sneak attacks,  and coming just days before a 14 piece granny square
addition the Bissell Bombers were asked ever so politely to please transfer the project to a new location.
We had originally suspected some resistance to the railing early on, but  when all was quite (despite our
web address¬†on the accompanying tag) and other students started to contribute to it’s
growth we assumed we were good to go.

 But the Bissell Bombers are about making the campus pretty, not hazardous so
we’ve¬†collected all the pieces and are going to think of a new home for it all.
If you’ve got any suggestions, leave a comment or write to us ūüôā

And while one project was coming to an end, a new one began Рall the way up in TIMMINS!! 

A big shout out goes to¬†Jacqueline for her contributions. They couldn’t have come at a better time ūüôā
Thanks for keeping us motivated!

“I Yarn In Peace”


Alien #1                 Alien #2

Today I’m happy to announce a new addition to the Bissell gang!
He/she/it mysteriously appeared from some far away galaxy, and is
looking to settled down in our awesome iSchool.

But he/she/it is a little self conscious and wants make to a great first impression.
Help he/she/it decide what’s “in” this season by voting on whichever look you like best
by going through either our Twitter feed or Facebook group.

BONUS! The 10th person to submit their choice will also get to name our
new group member!

Purl 1001, Knit 0010



The Bissell Bombers have been getting pretty technological these past few days.
We started a Facebook group in order for people to post their own knitting related stories and events,
and we created a Twitter account so we could send out shorter fun facts that wouldn’t
have been enough to constitute a blog.

AND one of our writers has been practicing with the WordPress app on her awesome smart phone.
So while ¬†she is suffering through some totally not related school¬†meetings because she’s
incredibly professional and mature…¬†you all get the benefit of pretty pictures (see above)!

Potential Fire Hazard or Cute Candle Stick Cozy?


P-1, K-1 and Dropstitch Dreamer teamed up again to cozy
up the student lounge.

Why there is a piano in the student lounge of a library and museum studies
program is a bit of a mystery to me but I love it!!!

I have yet to hear anyone actually plan anything on it ( a sad fate
for such a pretty instrument) so here’s hoping it feels a little love
with our knit additions.

Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Yarn Bombs


Making every little scrap count

They’re baby bombs!

Compared to the stairwell, these bombs might not be as flashy but they did
get some smiles from the brave people who had Monday morning classes.

The lamp still looks a little naked to me though.
I’ll have to remedy that in the coming weeks…