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Back to Work


It’s back-to-school season and before everyone heads off into the woods to spend one last long weekend
in their fancy pants cottages, I thought I would do some early nerding out.

Our CASToff Curator has not been the only one to get a wicked museum gig out there in the working world.
I supposedly rocked my internship and now I’ll be writing blogs and doing some
other techy things for a full fledged museum!

And to celebrate this news, I naturally turn to knitting 😉
Given the time, I would TOTALLY yarn bomb my office – in a super professional way of course…

USB knit cozy, to make sure all my files are safe and comfy.

This would make me chuckle every day.

The friendliest “blue screen of death” I’ve ever seen.

Ok, so some of those are a bit ridiculous – but you should have seen some of the
ideas I DIDN’T post! There are clearly some very unproductive staff members out there lol!




When I get inspired, you get bombed!

My first official Toronto tag is a crafty thank you note for all the interest surrounding my future exhibition. Here’s hoping that people continue to get excited and not aggravated by my (sort of scholarly) surprises.