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You’ll be Humming to Vitamin C All Day Long


Convocation walk

Well folks, it’s finally here. Two years full of countless papers, group meetings and
exhibitions later – the iSchool class of 2011/13 is going to get their convocation on today!

As one of our beloved instructors would say, “Woot! Woot!”

This also means I get to listen to this little ditty and feel all nostalgic and such.

But fear not! Just because the Bissell Bombers will no longer be attending classes in the Bissell Building
and many of us will be traveling all over the world in search of paying museum jobs *hint hint
(or amazing opportunity-filled internships *wink wink) doesn’t mean the group will have
disbanded – or I guess in knit pun terms unraveled ha…ha….ha…

Currently we’ve been setting up to do a nice street side installation for July
(mystery location to be revealed soon), and this Saturday visitors at the Museum of Inuit Art can
check out some cozified podiums as part of the MIA’s Worldwide Knit in Public Day (WWKiP)
programming. We’ve also installed some of our bright and colourful pieces in a
special public exhibition case designed to showcase the talented knit creations
community members have created.

So as iSchool faculty and students gather at University College this afternoon, patting one another
on the back in congratulations (or fist pumping if you’re bros) I too want to extend an
enormous “WE DID IT!” to fellow classmates and instructors.

There were so many people who went above and beyond their defined roles and responsibilities.
Countless time I’ve stepped back  in order to reflect on what the heck has been accomplished
in such a relatively short period of time, and it blows me away everytime.

Never in a million years would I have thought that so many people would be interested
in the dorky things I write about let alone ask to be a part of it. And none of this would have been
possible without the continuous encouragement from those around me.

So a heartfelt, Thank for supporting my crazy ramblings and bizarre projects!
I sincerely couldn’t have done it without you!

Crochet graduation cap.


World Domination! (or at the very least ‘Street level Shenanigans’)


Before becoming obsessed with the quirky world of yarnbombing, most members
of the group had dabbled in other kinds of crafts and hobbies.

Some sketched, other painted, a few even made their own clothes.

So when I came across Keri Smith‘s book called ‘The Guerilla Art Kit‘ I knew it would
have something for each of us.

After realizing how much of the world was going unnoticed as people tried to block out
the overwhelming advertising and mass media surrounding people on a  daily
basis, Keri compiled a series of activities geared at getting you to take a long
hard stare in the spaces you inhabit.

The activities range across material types and skill levels but before even opening the cover
I decided that I was going to make allllllll of them.

I’m currently experiencing an art-high and actually took a pause in writing
this incredibly short blog in order to jot down some
of my own ideas that have a knitted twist.

Now that the school term is winding down for a lot of people, and we’re supposedly
going to get some warm sun in this city any day now, there should be lots of
opportunities to really get out there and enjoy those public
spaces that – ya know are supposed to be for the public.

Happy Valentines Day!


valentines card

Happy Valentines Day everyone!
Despite a bad case of the flu during one of the most
romantic times of the year, I still wanted to shower
you all with some hugs and kisses.

But since I can already feel the collective cringe, maybe I’ll just
send you guys a Bissell Bomber Valentines card…

Forgive some of my bad/ non-rhyming prose.
Cold meds are FUN!

Behind the Seams: AGO 1st Thursday!



 WHAHOOOO!!!!! We did it guys!

The Art Gallery of Ontario has officially been yarn bombed!

*fist pumps entire installation crew

We are so incredibly grateful to everyone who contributed to
this amazing experience. From all the wonderful people who sent
us along yarn, lent us a car to transport everything to the gallery,
and handed over their time to do some super fast last minute darning.

A special shout out also goes to some of the OCAD students who invited us to join the
evenings festivities in the first place. Simone was the perfect host, checking
in to see if we needed anything, escorting our team members around,
and offering to help unload installation equipment even though our
surprisingly light bundles of hexagons looked like they weight tonnes.
And our main contact, Jon, definitely deserves a pat on the back after
all the changes that were made throughout the prep process and for
working out a few kinks. Some of you might recall that originally we were
set to install on the Walker Court stairs, and were moved to the snake ramp at
the main  lobby doors. In the end  there was one last adjustment and the Gallery
Italia space turned out to be a terrific way to bring the street art movement into
the gallery while watching Toronto’s latest snow storm unfold.

The Bissell Bombers also wanted to give a shoutout to AGO security and assorted staff.
We know we must have looked a little odd with our multicoloured rib
wrappings, but your curiosity about the project kept us motivated and
your sense of humour made the 4-hour install fly-by.

And since the event was for one night only and the show sold out incredibly fast,
we wanted to post a few photos for those who couldn’t make it out.
So enjoy our Behind the Seams shots as we prepared for the big night 🙂


Measure twice, darn once.


All set to go as we wait for the ladder to come up from the ‘AGO’ sign up front.


Teamwork, a little ingenuity and a lot of temporary zip ties.


Putting the last finishing touches on the flower garland as the LEDs are activated!

IMG_20130207_181037 program

Forget being “Facebook Official”, you know you’ve made it when you’re given your own interpretive text panel and program 🙂


The big reveal!
Our secret identities are exposed as two
Bissell Bombers pose with their biggest collaborative piece to date.

To hear more about the project and some of  the other installation pieces
that were on display that night, be sure to check out Christopher Jones article for TO Live with Culture.
And you can make your own dance party by visiting A Tribe Called Reds amazing play list.

Project Shoutout: One More Sleep!


Two months,
Dozens of posts,
HUNDREDS of hexagons,


As we put the finishing touches on our pre-installation-
totally-organized-and-ready-to-go yarnbomb for the AGO’s 1st Thursday event
we wanted to post one last photo glut to thank all those donors who
snuck in at the last second with their knit  works.

And to get you in the mood for the Thursday par-tay, the AGO and OCAD students
have organized An Evening With A Tribe Called Red TONIGHT!
Details are on the Facebook page, and who knows… maybe if you
come  you’ll catch a glimpse of the Bissell Bombers and a
few other artists that will be featured on Thursday…
Just sayin’

So before we start posting things like, how we’re going to cover the AGO
(and a new location we’re being given) and the shenanigans we’re bound to get into
during the event, it’s time to take one last look at your individual handy work
before it becomes a fabulous collective of community crocheted craziness!
















Project Shoutout: Lauren W.



I have to say, when the Bissell Bombers were first asked to be a part of the
AGO’s 1St Thursday project, we were a little nervous about asking
fellow students if  they would mind helping out.
A little flower here, a little hexagon there, a lot of spare yarn all over the place…

But Lauren W. was super adorable about joining in  the fun.
So today the Bissell Bombers are thanking her not only for these
terrificly soft blue hexagons, but also for her generous spirit.

We know what classes you have, and how tricky those vaguely worded essay assignments
can be to interpret. Props to you for powering through!

Project Shoutout: Karis R.



We’ve got another shout out to SHOUT out today.
Introducing the work of Karis R. who learned how to crochet hexagons
for the very first time as part of this new fangled AGO 1St Thursday project.

In the beginning we offered Karis some tips and tricks that we had learned
over the years, but the grasshopper quickly out schooled us masters.
Paired with her sister, they started going allll out with colour combinations
and found some fresh patterns to use.

So THANKS KARIS R. for the fun additions to our yarnbomb!
Only a few more days until art lovers and late night Torontonians
get to see all your hard work in action.

                       karis 1  karis 2