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Purl 1001, Knit 0010



The Bissell Bombers have been getting pretty technological these past few days.
We started a Facebook group in order for people to post their own knitting related stories and events,
and we created a Twitter account so we could send out shorter fun facts that wouldn’t
have been enough to constitute a blog.

AND one of our writers has been practicing with the WordPress app on her awesome smart phone.
So while  she is suffering through some totally not related school meetings because she’s
incredibly professional and mature… you all get the benefit of pretty pictures (see above)!


Potential Fire Hazard or Cute Candle Stick Cozy?


P-1, K-1 and Dropstitch Dreamer teamed up again to cozy
up the student lounge.

Why there is a piano in the student lounge of a library and museum studies
program is a bit of a mystery to me but I love it!!!

I have yet to hear anyone actually plan anything on it ( a sad fate
for such a pretty instrument) so here’s hoping it feels a little love
with our knit additions.

Double Yarn-bow!



Reading week has been a great time for me to case out the ischool
and find the perfect places for my sneaky little projects.

I can’t wait for people to come back from break to find these little
guys – especially the dragon foot, which has to be
one of the silliest patterns I’ve come across.

I’m hoping I can do a few more of these feet AND
expand on the stairwell bomb, so keep an eye out 😉