Before there were pompom tutorials and hexagon covered galleries, there was a tiny group of ladies sitting in a coffee shop. These were the founding members of the Bissell Bombers.

P-1, K-1: One side is shy and “studious”, the other sneaky and adventurous. There’s a reason this girl is always the last one out of the library and it’s NOT to properly re-shelf books. Don’t be surprised if you find a few knit reminders of your overdue books fees.

CASToff Curator:

One hardcore crafter, she doesn’t let anything get in the way of her knitting – not even a few broken bones!



Dropstitch Dreamer:
She drops stitches all the time…but it’s always on purpose.


They say, “two heads are better than one” but what about some sturdy wrists? In order to get our larger pieces installed we inducted some honorary members into the underground world of yarnbombing.

Yarn Earth

Laura M.
Angela H.
Marie E.
Laura I.
Emma K.
Laura J.
Bruce B.
Elyse R.
Karis R.
Lauren H.
Joyce I.
Megan D.
Mara V.
Susan V.
Natalie D.
Emilia A.
Jean R.B.
Stella L.
Joanne M.
Kathy L.
Lauren W.
Lia S.
Brenda M.
Mary L.
Cathy W.
Gulcan O.
Sabrina N.