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iz got yarn and media prezence


Things this yarn bomber has become obsessed with since meeting fellow museum studies students:
– crafting
– vegan cupcakes
Ryan Gosling

In case you missed it, we’ve already mentioned this Canadian super star in a post about
the pseudo-yarn bombing memes Hey Girl. But did you know that same slogan has been
reused for a series of recycling campaigns?

dosomething.org  and their “don’t be trashy” promos are all about raising awareness about
the importance of recycling, and their using our cultural weak spots as weapons.

So get ready for lots of cute celebrities and internetz speaking kitties!


Happy Hunger Games!


To celebrate the launch of the Hunger Games movies
some of the stars had come to Toronto.

And by “some of the stars” I mean Peeta
and those other two people.
Whoever they are.

Dear Josh Hutcherson,
please don’t ruin this series for me.

Hey Girl ;)


Yarn bombing can be tricky business.
You have to measure out the area to be bombed, spend the time to do the actual knitting, and then
the most nerve wracking part – putting it up without getting caught!

For those shy, introverted types out there it can be a daunting task, but have no fear!
Ryan Goslings got your back 😉

If the Notebook didn’t turn you into a hyper-romantic bridging on obsessed fan,
these Yarn Bombing memes should help push you over the edge.

Some of my favorites include…