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Bawdy Works


Crochet skeleton
Brains! Brains! BRAAAIIIINSSS!
(is what everyone was wishing I had more of this past week)

Whoa! One simple little cold has really set me back.
Here’s a fun health fact!
Did you know the makers of Neocitran are under investigation for not passing inspections?
Know when I found that out? While plowing through a box and trying to buy some more
at the good ol’ local pharmaceutical supply store. GREAT TIMING!

But I digress.
If being sick has taught me anything, it’s never touch anything on the subway. EVER!
And also, that friends are wonderful people who send you wonderful things like this little skeleton.

To keep me from freaking out about all the potential toxins I had ingested on my
misguided journey back to Healthy-Immune-System Land, a friend told me about Shanell Papp.

Back in 2005 she created the above pictured crochet skeleton as part of an examination
of her own health and mortality. The 6 month long Frankenstein project has since toured
around the country quite a few times, including a stop at Toronto’s 2009 City of Craft.
Hurray T.Dot! *clap clap clap*

Now she’s putting together a book project, but is looking for some funding.
If you feel like contributing to the publishing industry, or just curious to see
what kind of “something eyeball shaped” crochet reward you’ll be sent,
you should check out her Indiegogo a nownow.

And remember to always wash those hands folks!


Project Shout Outs: Emma K.


Red crochet hexagons

Check these out!!!
Our donations are really starting to add up and as promised in the official
Bissell Bomber call out poster / project post, for those charitable people who offered to
make 10+ flowers or hexagons, we’re dedicating an entire blog  post for you!

These warm and fuzzy red crochet hexagons come to us from Emma K., who some
of you in the internet world might also know as Emmy Lou Knits.

This is one busy lady!
Not only does she write her own blog, have her own Etsy page,
take these sweet photos on Instagram but you can also follow her on Twitter.

So a GIANT THANK YOU goes out to Emma K. from all of us here at the
Bissell Bombers. We can’t wait to pair these up with some of the other
pieces we’ve taken in. I’m already envisioning them strung together over
the AGO stairs and it looks impressive! 😉

We’ll continue with our project updates as the month
progresses, so be sure to pop back over to the site to see how your
work joins together with new pieces flooding our closets, cupboards, and drawers.

Take Me to Your (Stitch n’ Bitch) Leader


I don’t know about all you non-students out there, but this month
has been a preeeeetty hectic one at the iSchool. So busy in fact that
my nerdy-museum side hogged all the attention and my
nerdy-sci-fi side almost missed out on a crazy town news story
(and hilarious serious of cat puns).

SOMETHING HAPPENED IN SPACE!!!! and we’re going to find out about later…

I guess NASA doesn’t want to pull a #NBCfail or something so they
are going to test the living bajeezus out of whatever they have/think they
have before letting us know.
Thanks guys!

Naturally this means we have free license to speculate WILDLY about
what this “history changing” finding could be.
Evidence of water?
Space gold?
Something else to balance this poorly thought out list…

Personally I hope its aliens. And by that I mean REAL aliens – none of
this Plain Jane organic matter business. Boooooring!

So to tide us over for the month, and become more familiar with our
future overlords, the Bissellbombers gathered up some of their
favourite crochet alien patterns.

Fingers crossed we see some resemblance when Curiosity reveals its big secret.

Futurama Brain Slugs

Ami-Ami the Amigurumi Alien

Bubble Leg Monster

The serial crocheteuses n°90 : Alien

Diamonds, Crowns, and Yarn


NOT the Queen

Distraction (party) time!
There has been a lot of messed up stuff happening in Canada recently,
so let’s turn our attention across the pond instead.

Helloooooooooo! *said in the worst impression of Jon Stewart impersonating the Queen.

This summer marks the 60th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II.
*insert tacky line about diamonds being a girls best friend*

For whatever reason, Price Charles and Camilla have already come and gone on a 4 day
tour of Canada (so basically they had enough time to check out our airports? Srsly).
But more entertaining events will be going on, like a flotilla!!

If you want to keep track of stuff, you can visit the queens website and I’m
sure both CTV and CBC will be milking this for all it’s programming worth.

 I on the other hand, will be trying to maintain a student life style (ie: study and work
my little butt off) and will most likely be unable to celebrate this mystery monarch.
However, I’m very tempted to try my hand at some of these crochet crowns…

I think I would look like one classy intern if I showed up wearing this.

Frowny Face Goat Why Are You Frowning?


Wow, what a day!
*collapses into an exhusted heap*

Two thumbs up for Toronto’s Green Living show this weekend. Some really neat stuff
was previewed and delicious gluten-free vegan desserts were nommed, but can
you guess which display caught the Bissell Bombers attention?

Now we know who to call if we ever want to incorporate live animals
into our yarn bombing projects 😉

Bonus: If you’re digging the ballin’ purple mystery mask our knitter is modeling
you should head over to Kate’s blog Scientific Culture for more
cute crafted cartoons.

This Bag IS Plastic


Congrats to our lucky Green Living ticket winner!
Tomorrow a certain someone will be noshing on treats from Whole Foods Market, checking out the
Fashion Takes Action eco-runway show, and a host of other green inspired events.

And since all these attractions are most likely going to result in some cool swag, I thought what better way
to stow it all away than in a crocheted recycled plastic bag tot.

I don’t know how many of you are old enough to remember that child hood phase of the juice box bags
or the Starburst purses, but reused plastic has come a long way since then.


The 90s



                A simple Google search reveals there are tons and tons of free patterns floating around
waiting to be used.  I particularly like this red purse from Recycle Cindy who put in
a special request at her local library in order to get a hold of all those
red plastic newspaper bags.

Her site also includes a picture tutorial on how to make your own plastic yarn 🙂

I wonder what she could do with all the milk bags I’ve accumulated…

Toronto Trend Stitchers


It’s SPRING!!!
Well, the calender might not agree with me but boo on that because
I hear birds chirping, the sun is out, and too many people are already in crocs.

So to celebrate this fantastically wonderful WARM weather
(and my first spring in Toronto)
I thought I would pay tribute to some of the outdoors bombings
that have happened around the city.

First up, The Textile Museum of Canada!
A) Because the Bissell Bombers are all museum majors
B) Museums are awesome, even more so when they support cool projects
like yarn bombing.

A think tank course at OCAD came up with “Toronto Bound: A Living Atlas”
And not to leave out any knitters, an extension of the project has been Yarnbomb Toronto

Everyone knows about the crazy obnoxious glowing corner called Honest Ed’s.
Rob Elliot even posted a toilet paper cozy version of it!!

Lily Dustbin of Knithacker spotted this in front of Wild Wing on Dundas West.

This might also have been her contribution to the Pom Pom Project
where Natalie Jones has sent 1000 pom pom’s around the world
and asked people to photograph them.

Lakeshore area park bench courtesy 1000 Acts of Art

Spotted by Tino of Urban Repair Squad

qKnit has also been known to “bomb” things around Queen & Ossington and
Baldwin & Beverley, but ever since the G20 she hasn’t been posting… :S

Seeing these cheerful creations has gotten the Bissell girls
motivated to move some of our projects outside our ivory tower.

Be warned Toronto!
The mits are off and we’re comin’ for ya!