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Fishy Business at the Market


This weekend I came back home to spend some quality time with the parental
unit. In preparation for some awesome home cooked meals, I headed out to
the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market with the mum. And
together we came across these fresh fishies.

Not too sure I would ever be brave enough to wear these things,
but the scale pattern is pretty cool once you take a closer look.
She used a honeycomb-ish knit, but added some
more detailing to give it a little more flash.

The woman responsible for the marine knits also sold
much more practical looking gloves in a similar
pattern. Too bad it’s nearing spring and I’m more
interested in hiding any signs of winter wear.

And just to do some bragging about how we were being all
eco and such, we stored our goodies in this little crochet bag.
You’re welcome David Suzuki.