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Crochet skeleton
Brains! Brains! BRAAAIIIINSSS!
(is what everyone was wishing I had more of this past week)

Whoa! One simple little cold has really set me back.
Here’s a fun health fact!
Did you know the makers of Neocitran are under investigation for not passing inspections?
Know when I found that out? While plowing through a box and trying to buy some more
at the good ol’ local pharmaceutical supply store. GREAT TIMING!

But I digress.
If being sick has taught me anything, it’s never touch anything on the subway. EVER!
And also, that friends are wonderful people who send you wonderful things like this little skeleton.

To keep me from freaking out about all the potential toxins I had ingested on my
misguided journey back to Healthy-Immune-System Land, a friend told me about Shanell Papp.

Back in 2005 she created the above pictured crochet skeleton as part of an examination
of her own health and mortality. The 6 month long Frankenstein project has since toured
around the country quite a few times, including a stop at Toronto’s 2009 City of Craft.
Hurray T.Dot! *clap clap clap*

Now she’s putting together a book project, but is looking for some funding.
If you feel like contributing to the publishing industry, or just curious to see
what kind of “something eyeball shaped” crochet reward you’ll be sent,
you should check out her Indiegogo a nownow.

And remember to always wash those hands folks!