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You’ll be Humming to Vitamin C All Day Long


Convocation walk

Well folks, it’s finally here. Two years full of countless papers, group meetings and
exhibitions later – the iSchool class of 2011/13 is going to get their convocation on today!

As one of our beloved instructors would say, “Woot! Woot!”

This also means I get to listen to this little ditty and feel all nostalgic and such.

But fear not! Just because the Bissell Bombers will no longer be attending classes in the Bissell Building
and many of us will be traveling all over the world in search of paying museum jobs *hint hint
(or amazing opportunity-filled internships *wink wink) doesn’t mean the group will have
disbanded – or I guess in knit pun terms unraveled ha…ha….ha…

Currently we’ve been setting up to do a nice street side installation for July
(mystery location to be revealed soon), and this Saturday visitors at the Museum of Inuit Art can
check out some cozified podiums as part of the MIA’s Worldwide Knit in Public Day (WWKiP)
programming. We’ve also installed some of our bright and colourful pieces in a
special public exhibition case designed to showcase the talented knit creations
community members have created.

So as iSchool faculty and students gather at University College this afternoon, patting one another
on the back in congratulations (or fist pumping if you’re bros) I too want to extend an
enormous “WE DID IT!” to fellow classmates and instructors.

There were so many people who went above and beyond their defined roles and responsibilities.
Countless time I’ve stepped back  in order to reflect on what the heck has been accomplished
in such a relatively short period of time, and it blows me away everytime.

Never in a million years would I have thought that so many people would be interested
in the dorky things I write about let alone ask to be a part of it. And none of this would have been
possible without the continuous encouragement from those around me.

So a heartfelt, Thank for supporting my crazy ramblings and bizarre projects!
I sincerely couldn’t have done it without you!

Crochet graduation cap.


Project Shoutout: Lauren W.



I have to say, when the Bissell Bombers were first asked to be a part of the
AGO’s 1St Thursday project, we were a little nervous about asking
fellow students if  they would mind helping out.
A little flower here, a little hexagon there, a lot of spare yarn all over the place…

But Lauren W. was super adorable about joining in  the fun.
So today the Bissell Bombers are thanking her not only for these
terrificly soft blue hexagons, but also for her generous spirit.

We know what classes you have, and how tricky those vaguely worded essay assignments
can be to interpret. Props to you for powering through!

Books and Hooks (CROCHET hooks that is)


I’ll admit that within the iSchool there is a bit of a rivalry between the MI and MMst students.
Libraries vs Galleries
Words vs Objects

But in the end, the resources we provide the public ultimately lead to the same things:
Education, personal transformation, and self actualization.

Kind of important things.

Working from that common ground and jokes at Mayor Fords expense, the Bissell Bombers
have decided to voice their support for striking Toronto Public Library staffers.

Since March 18th TPL staff have been on legal strike, setting themselves against
a series of changes that could drastically impact libraries throughout the city. As part
of their protests members have staged Read-in’s (which very clearly reference
library services) however, this Wednesday they will be hosting a Knit-in.

According the recent MI grad who contacted Bissell Bombers; knitting is,

…part and parcel of the stereotype of librarians as dowdy, grandmotherly figures. A Knit-In in support of a library both pokes light, tongue-in-cheek fun at this stereotype while simultaneously challenging it. Today’s knitters are full of passion and vitality. They choose to craft for the enjoyment of it and bring immense creativity to what they do. Such energy is a perfect fit for activist persuits, hence the rise of knit-ins and yarnbombings. 

Well said, well said!
If anyone is interested in checking out the event, knit will go down on
Wednesday March 28th from 11am-2pm at City Hall.
For more info go to the TPL-ers FB event page.