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New Kids on the Block


distillery show

Local Torontonians are probably familiar with the cities Distillery District, a national Historic Site where
the Gooderham and Worts Distillery once operated and where you can find the largest and best preserved
collection of Victorian Industrial Architecture in North America.

This part of town drew a different kind of crowd last weekend when Street Art Showcase took over for their inaugural Urban Art Festival. The entire day was dedicated to graffiti artists, painters, stencilled and of course YARN BOMBING!


Bissell volunteers wrapping up the street lamps with some crochet cozies.


All set and waiting for the show to start!


Our first group of visitors adding their mark to the street with chalk drawings.

The group had been approached a few months ago to think up some ideas for the space. The culturally preserved buildings and cobbled streets make the area such a beautiful place to stroll, not to mention the cute cafes and unique shops around every corner. The group was absolutely thrilled to be a part of the event, especially since it gave us the much needed kick in the pants to really get out there and display something outdoors. earlier in our groups career we had been a bit hesitant to really get out on the streets since the summer had already experienced some pretty big weather mood swings (and our worries were before #stormTO had happened! Eep!) Members dedicate a lot of time and love into producing pieces, and a teeny-tiny selfish part of us want the works to stay clean and colourful for as long as possible. Bleached, and soaked through yarn tends to look a little drab, the opposite of how we want people to feel when they stumble across the yarn bombs.

1040086_10153021177315556_1135288327_o 1052899_10153021197450556_2012236643_o


Although the morning was a bit cloudy, it was incredible to hear and see the reactions from those passing by.
Once we had all the lamp posts, barrels and even the clock covered with our crochet interventions,
it was time to pop on stage for a little demo.

Throughout the festival, artists working in different mediums were invited to show off their skills and produce a
brand new piece in front of a live audience. Since the Bissell Bombers are all about community and collaboration we
decided to get the audience to help us make even more yarn bombs to decorate the district. Armed with a much yarn in
as many colour imaginable, visitors of all ages got on stage with our Bissell leader and learned how they could make
some fuzzy Pom Poms. Even the event’s MC got in on the action and found himself with a
pure crochet flower festooning his hat!

IMAG0319 IMAG0313


The live stage demo was so amazing to run, and seeing families and couples wanting to learn a new craft and ask
questions about yarn bombing was really inspiring. All the Bissell members and installation volunteers could really
feel all the love that went into planning the first ever urban art feat for the district, and were so honoured to have
been able to share what we do. It was such a great day and we owe a lot of thanks to those who organized
the festival and those came out to celebrate local arts and crafts!


Project Shoutout: Elyse R.



Back in the early days of the Bissell Bombers, we posted a  pom pom tutorial  that seems
to have really struck a cord (or should I say thread) with our latest crafty lady of the hour: Elyse R.

When we asked for help from local knitters and crocheters for our AGO project we unintentionally
left out a huge gap of amazing talent: those new to the ways of the yarn.
We’ve been quick to remedy that glaring omission and as a result we’ve
got this incredible variety of multicoloured fuzzy balls!

So THANKS ELYSE R. for proving that everyone is capable of tapping into their
inner DIY side to produce some really great looking things.
There are even some rumors that she’s gotten her sister hooked. Can’t wait to see the family resemblence lol.

If you’ve got an idea for a new accessory that could decorate the soon-to-be
yarn bombed Walker Court stairs, give us a shout at our e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.

We’ll be accepting donations up until Jan 31st in prep for the
AGO’s 1st Thursday event happening on Feb 7th.
Tickets are already on sale, but sell out quickly so get them while ya can!

That Tree’s Got Balls


By Easymakesmehappy

Interestingly enough, a lot of the people who have been following this blog
don’t actually know how to knit or crochet.

So if there is anyone out there who really wants to yarn bomb
but has a fear of needles or gets frustrated by pattern terms such as;
Ch 1, 2 sc in first sc, sc in each rem sc across to last sc, 2 sc in last sc, turn. (16 sc)…

Have no fear!
The pom-pom is here!

Knitorious M.E.G. of the KI D2 crew


  • Cut out 2 cardboard circles. These can be any size you would like, the important part is that they are the same size as one another. I just traced the rim of a standard drinking glass to make mine (see below). Remember, the size of the circle = size of the pom pom.  
  • Cut out a centre hole in each cardboard circle. Again, the size doesn’t really matter. You’re just going to use this hole to push through the yarn. Mine were about 1 inch in diameter.
  • Cut a straight line to the centre holeThis will help later when you’re trying to separate the cardboard from the puffed up yarn.
    You can skip the first three steps by buying the plastic models from craft store – but this just feels much more DIY.
  • Wrap it with yarn. When I pom, I usually cut a length of yarn about 2 arms length, then I keep looping it through the centre hole to cover the edge of the cardboard circle. You should go around the entire circle at least 3 times – the thicker your layers, the denser your pom pom will be.This is the fun part because there are so many combinations you can do! Single colours, double, triple, etc. You can wrap different colours simultaneously, or create layers like a sandwhich, or do certain quadrants certain colours. The sky is the limit!
  • Cut along the outer edge. Once you’ve finished all your layers, cut the yarn where it has folded over the side of the outer circle. Once you’ve made it around the entire circle you’ll need to take a single piece of yarn and slip it between the two cardboard circles and tie a knot. The knot will be hidden at the centre of the pom pom and will keep those freshly cut threads from falling out.
  • Remove cardboard. Save these pieces, and use them for your next pom pom 🙂
  • Trim. Inevitably you’re going to have a few loose strands, or some really long ones. Don’t worry, just bring out the scissors and do some yarn-scaping.

 TA DA!!

Toronto Trend Stitchers


It’s SPRING!!!
Well, the calender might not agree with me but boo on that because
I hear birds chirping, the sun is out, and too many people are already in crocs.

So to celebrate this fantastically wonderful WARM weather
(and my first spring in Toronto)
I thought I would pay tribute to some of the outdoors bombings
that have happened around the city.

First up, The Textile Museum of Canada!
A) Because the Bissell Bombers are all museum majors
B) Museums are awesome, even more so when they support cool projects
like yarn bombing.

A think tank course at OCAD came up with “Toronto Bound: A Living Atlas”
And not to leave out any knitters, an extension of the project has been Yarnbomb Toronto

Everyone knows about the crazy obnoxious glowing corner called Honest Ed’s.
Rob Elliot even posted a toilet paper cozy version of it!!

Lily Dustbin of Knithacker spotted this in front of Wild Wing on Dundas West.

This might also have been her contribution to the Pom Pom Project
where Natalie Jones has sent 1000 pom pom’s around the world
and asked people to photograph them.

Lakeshore area park bench courtesy 1000 Acts of Art

Spotted by Tino of Urban Repair Squad

qKnit has also been known to “bomb” things around Queen & Ossington and
Baldwin & Beverley, but ever since the G20 she hasn’t been posting… :S

Seeing these cheerful creations has gotten the Bissell girls
motivated to move some of our projects outside our ivory tower.

Be warned Toronto!
The mits are off and we’re comin’ for ya!