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It’s Time for Tim(mins)


Some unfortunate news to report: the stairwell project has come to an end.

After 3 months of sporadic sneak attacks,  and coming just days before a 14 piece granny square
addition the Bissell Bombers were asked ever so politely to please transfer the project to a new location.
We had originally suspected some resistance to the railing early on, but  when all was quite (despite our
web address on the accompanying tag) and other students started to contribute to it’s
growth we assumed we were good to go.

 But the Bissell Bombers are about making the campus pretty, not hazardous so
we’ve collected all the pieces and are going to think of a new home for it all.
If you’ve got any suggestions, leave a comment or write to us 🙂

And while one project was coming to an end, a new one began – all the way up in TIMMINS!! 

A big shout out goes to Jacqueline for her contributions. They couldn’t have come at a better time 🙂
Thanks for keeping us motivated!


Hypoallergenic Handrail


Everyone in Toronto has been freaking out over how nice the weather has been,
and keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that we don’t experience a
springter storm some time in March.

To keep the positive vibe going, P-1 K-1 and Dropstitch Dreamer teamed up
and did some blooming bombs over the weekend.

The stairwell has been hit, but some new additions made
their way into the building. See if you can spot them the next
time you’re headed for the student lounge 🙂

Double Yarn-bow!



Reading week has been a great time for me to case out the ischool
and find the perfect places for my sneaky little projects.

I can’t wait for people to come back from break to find these little
guys – especially the dragon foot, which has to be
one of the silliest patterns I’ve come across.

I’m hoping I can do a few more of these feet AND
expand on the stairwell bomb, so keep an eye out 😉