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You’ll be Humming to Vitamin C All Day Long


Convocation walk

Well folks, it’s finally here. Two years full of countless papers, group meetings and
exhibitions later – the iSchool class of 2011/13 is going to get their convocation on today!

As one of our beloved instructors would say, “Woot! Woot!”

This also means I get to listen to this little ditty and feel all nostalgic and such.

But fear not! Just because the Bissell Bombers will no longer be attending classes in the Bissell Building
and many of us will be traveling all over the world in search of paying museum jobs *hint hint
(or amazing opportunity-filled internships *wink wink) doesn’t mean the group will have
disbanded – or I guess in knit pun terms unraveled ha…ha….ha…

Currently we’ve been setting up to do a nice street side installation for July
(mystery location to be revealed soon), and this Saturday visitors at the Museum of Inuit Art can
check out some cozified podiums as part of the MIA’s Worldwide Knit in Public Day (WWKiP)
programming. We’ve also installed some of our bright and colourful pieces in a
special public exhibition case designed to showcase the talented knit creations
community members have created.

So as iSchool faculty and students gather at University College this afternoon, patting one another
on the back in congratulations (or fist pumping if you’re bros) I too want to extend an
enormous “WE DID IT!” to fellow classmates and instructors.

There were so many people who went above and beyond their defined roles and responsibilities.
Countless time I’ve stepped back  in order to reflect on what the heck has been accomplished
in such a relatively short period of time, and it blows me away everytime.

Never in a million years would I have thought that so many people would be interested
in the dorky things I write about let alone ask to be a part of it. And none of this would have been
possible without the continuous encouragement from those around me.

So a heartfelt, Thank for supporting my crazy ramblings and bizarre projects!
I sincerely couldn’t have done it without you!

Crochet graduation cap.


Project Shoutout: One More Sleep!


Two months,
Dozens of posts,
HUNDREDS of hexagons,


As we put the finishing touches on our pre-installation-
totally-organized-and-ready-to-go yarnbomb for the AGO’s 1st Thursday event
we wanted to post one last photo glut to thank all those donors who
snuck in at the last second with their knit  works.

And to get you in the mood for the Thursday par-tay, the AGO and OCAD students
have organized An Evening With A Tribe Called Red TONIGHT!
Details are on the Facebook page, and who knows… maybe if you
come  you’ll catch a glimpse of the Bissell Bombers and a
few other artists that will be featured on Thursday…
Just sayin’

So before we start posting things like, how we’re going to cover the AGO
(and a new location we’re being given) and the shenanigans we’re bound to get into
during the event, it’s time to take one last look at your individual handy work
before it becomes a fabulous collective of community crocheted craziness!
















Project Shoutout: Laura J.


Eermahgerd! Eermahgerd! Eermahgerd!
The AGO 1st Thursday show is almost here!!!


We are so excited for the big event, so excited that we have neglected to
update you all on the amazing things that came out of
our desperate donation drive.

So here we go,  our last big photo glut pre-install.

First up, we have some lovely flowers to go on…
IMG_20130202_113008 IMG_20130202_113245


Laura J. has been providing the group with a series of leafy greens
for almost a month now. I’ve been a bit of a bad blogger and taken
an unfortunately long amount of time in finally displaying my
adoration for her publicly.

But no more! A tip of the hat and a Bissell Bomber  SHOUTout to Laura J.
who has been an active contributor to the project on Facebook, with her
cute little links and stories, and her kind donation of pattern books
(with the doubly generous offer of passing them along to potential
yarn bombers if they are looking for inspiration).

We  hope to see you at the big show THIS Thursday at the Art Gallery of Ontario!
Woot! Woot!


Project Shoutout: Gulcan O.



Well guys (and gals) it is officially past our donation due date for the
AGO 1st Thursday yarnbomb project.

Fun fact: We got so may donations in this past week that we haven’t
even had a chance to post them all up!!!

These great big orange scene stealers from Gulcan O. are just
part of a massive bundle we will be using on Feb 7th – a night dedicated to
mashing up exterior art with a fun indoor party.

Now a little bird has told me that the tickets are all sold out
BUT I often hear voices so maybe don’t take my word on it.
If it is true than a DOUBLE SHOUTOUT to EVERYONE who
ever gave our group mini multicoloured flowers, hexagons and especially
encouraging words. These past few weeks have been CRAZY with work,
school, and this amazing opportunity and we could not have done
it or come even close without the heartfelt support we’ve been given.

Ya’ll rock!

Project Shoutout: Karis R.



We’ve got another shout out to SHOUT out today.
Introducing the work of Karis R. who learned how to crochet hexagons
for the very first time as part of this new fangled AGO 1St Thursday project.

In the beginning we offered Karis some tips and tricks that we had learned
over the years, but the grasshopper quickly out schooled us masters.
Paired with her sister, they started going allll out with colour combinations
and found some fresh patterns to use.

So THANKS KARIS R. for the fun additions to our yarnbomb!
Only a few more days until art lovers and late night Torontonians
get to see all your hard work in action.

                       karis 1  karis 2


Project Shoutout: Joyce I.


With only 5 days left to send in donations, we’re getting that much closer to our
AGO 1st Thursday yarnbombing event!

Today’s project shoutout goes to Joyce I. for taking us up on our offer
by donating not only some pretty hexagons, but also a
nice bouquet of bright yarn flowers.

And special credit goes to Laura I. for making the drive to Toronto
in order to deliver this awesome package.

Go team work!





Project Update: Canmore Package Arrives!



For those following our AGO 1st thursday project from the beginning,
you might recall that our very own CASToff Curator offered to gather donations
from her new home in Alberta.

Well that province and the staff at the Canmore museum certainly did not disappointing!
Only a few moments ago their package full of FORTY hexagons arrived!


The purples! The pinks! Alberta, you’re after my heart with these six-sides
crocheted bundles of yarn skillz.
*Psst! Can I use them to make a blanket instead and keep them for myself?

These pieces are a welcome addition to the AGO yarnbomb project – happening in only a few more weeks!
We will continue to collect donations until January 31st but after that it’s going to be
hours and hours and hours of stitching for us as we piece all these pretty hexagons together.